Hell House TV series The Abaddon TapesFans of the Shudder Hell House LLC trilogy might have been in for a bit of good news as they may have seen the following on the official Facebook Page:

#TheAbaddonTapes is a limited series that will dig deep into the mysteries of the Hell House LLC trilogy. You will learn the origins of Andrew Tully and why he became obsessed with opening a portal to hell. You will learn why he chose the town of Abaddon. You will be introduced to some of his cult followers and their back stories and the powerful townspeople who helped keep what was happening at the Abaddon Hotel a secret for many years. You will learn the origins of the man behind the Clown. You will discover who Billy Braddock really was and you will finally learn what happened to Mitchell…and much, much more.


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Like many out there I jumped for joy, the Hell House Movies have been a focus for me in the last few years (you can read a little of my Hell House obsession here), and I have been aware this is on the horizon, but to see confirmation, a synopsis and episode titles just made it real.

UPDATE 15/10/2022 – Looks like this project has been replaced with  HELL HOUSE LLC ORIGINS: The Carmichael Manor

The Abaddon Tapes Episode Titles

  1. Episode 1, Welcome to Abaddon
    1. Episode 1 will explore the origins of Andrew Tulley – a man of God turned cult leader after losing his family in a tragic accident. The story follows Tulley’s obsession with opening a gateway to Hell, which leads to the creation of the Abaddon Hotel. This obsession is followed by many others including Daniel Fletcher, a well-connected and powerful local who helps protect the hotel and the infamous cult that plagues the characters throughout the Hell House LLC trilogy.
  2. Episode 2, The Gateway
    1. In 1989 with the mysterious disappearances of hotel guests growing and authorities closing in on the cult, Andrew Tully devises a plan that will allow him to slip under the radar for years to come.
  3. Episode 3, Send In The Clowns
    1. In 2003, the lone surviving member of Andrew Tully’s cult, finds himself using a local town fair and a familiar clown costume to continue cult activity within the town of Abaddon.
  4. Episode 4, The Billy Braddock Case
    1. In 2007, Billy Braddock shows up to the town of Abaddon, looking for answers and connections to his past, hidden in an abandoned hotel.
  5. Episode 5, The Cover Up
    1. The Hell House LLC tragedy through the eyes of a photographer turned reporter, who uncovers a town conspiracy reaching back decades.
  6. Episode 6, If People Knew What Happened.
    1. Mitchell Cavanaugh, missing since entering the hotel with Jessica Fox’s team, reappears linking the hotel’s past to the present and the future.

The Hell House LLC trilogy is available via the Shudder Amazon Prime Channel. Free trials may be available, check link for details.

The Abaddon Tapes Concept Art

Abaddon Tapes: The Abaddon County Fair in 2003

Abaddon Tapes: The Abaddon County Fair in 2003


outside Hell House LLC’s Queens, NY Haunt

Outside Hell House LLC’s Queens, NY Haunt

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