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Ray Carrick, a former SAS officer used to track down drugs barons, gather intelligence and capture them for trial. After spending 20 years in the service he now decides to become the very thing he has been tracking. After forcibly taking over a rival Gang Bosses territory, Ray is now at the height of his career. His cover of charity/orphanage makes Ray a respected member of the community, as he is giving kids from underprivileged background a second chance. But are theses kids really orphans? Liam is an ex junkie, who goes in search of his son David who has been missing for four years. The only way to find him is to face his own demons… that he gave him away to Ray’s orphanage. After meeting fierce opposition at Ray’s mansion he realizes the only way to get him back is though the legal system. He enlists the help of the brilliant, yet underrated legal mind of Joshua Goldberg who uncovers a piece of evidence that will bring the impregnable empire crashing to the ground.

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Runtime: 22 min Main Language: English

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Directed By: Paul Desira,

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