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A compelling story of trials, tragedy, success, and love unfolds on Lupin. With sleek and luxurious sports cars, vehicles, and sets, breath-taking and action-packed scenes, and swoon-worthy romance, Lupin would surely beguile viewers and get pulses racing. Witness the adventures of a young man trapped in his past but whom love has yet to free. The compelling misadventures of Lupin begin when his rich businessman father is found dead. His father’s best friend – a former thief who is now also a businessman – is the primary suspect to the crime. Cecilia Lupin would be able to escape with her young son, but are separated along the way. While Cecilia is believed to be dead, the young Lupin is found by Duroy who raises him but also teaches him how to steal. The only heir to the wealth of his late father, Andre Lupin will grow up to become the best thief in town, this time known as Lupin de Dios. He has quick hands and reflexes, but he thinks even quicker, and while he is only a high school graduate, he is extremely intelligent. A business tycoon by day and a master thief by night, this playboy opts use his wit and charm as his weapons. Lupin has three sidekicks who help him in heists: Ashley, a military school graduate who is a sharp-shooter, a mistress of disguise, and whose lethal beauty is unrivaled; Brigette, Lupin’s lookout, a college dropout from a computer school where she gained her skill in hacking, and who is skilled in using knives as weapons; and Castor, known as the King of Small Time Con who used to be Lupin’s nemesis. Meanwhile, two women will capture Lupin’s heart: Angeli Villavicer, for whom Lupin wanted to turn his back on his dark life as a thief but a tragedy would disrupt their wedding day; and Avril Legarda, the orphaned daughter and sole heir of the rich businessman who was killed.

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Runtime: 45 min Main Language: English

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