Wire in the Blood

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Dark and twisting mystery series based on the characters created by Scottish crime writer Val McDermid. Set in the fictional English city of Bradfield, clinical psychologist Dr. Tony Hill is recruited as a criminal profiler for the police department. Aiding DCI Carol Jordan (and DI Alex Fielding in later episodes), the doctor’s eccentric methods and deep understanding of the criminal mind help track down vicious serial killers and solve the most gruesome of crimes.

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Runtime: 69 min Main Language: English

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Directed By: N/A,

First Aired: 2002-11-14

Total Number of Episodes: 31

Total Number of Series: 6

Latest Episode: Season 6 episode 8 The Dead Land: Part 2
Another serial killer is at work. This one kills homeless men by stabbing them through the heart but a bizarre ritual is also at work because the bodies are bathed and wrapped up in paper before they are left around the town's business area. Alex is called away and her place taken by the young Oxbridge graduate Hall,of whom Tony is initially suspicious but he turns out to have a psychology degree and to be a big fan of Tony's work. A more sinister fan,clearly Bryant,is leaving 'presents' on Tony's door-step.

  • Season 1: We meet Tony, a psychologist that gets inside of the minds of both killers and victims to aid the police in solving gruesome serial killings in Northern England.
  • Season 2: Season 2 continues with Tony and Maggie, and introduces DCI Carol Jordan.
  • Season 3:
  • Season 4: Season 4 opens with a new DI, Alex Fielding.
  • Season 5:
  • Season 6:

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