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There is a war going on between masters and servants in order to attain the Holy Grail. Each master can call up one servant each, and their task is to eradicate the other servants, either by defeating them or killing their master. When there is only one master or servant left, he or she is granted the Holy Grail, and any wish they desire will come true.

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Runtime: 23 min Main Language: Japanese

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Directed By: N/A,

First Aired: 2006-01-07

Total Number of Episodes: 24

Total Number of Series: 1

Latest Episode: Season 1 episode 24 The All Too Distant Utopia
Shirou has found himself trapped in the same place Kirei Kotomine trapped Shirou's father. Surrounded by death Shirou must escape this place through will power alone, if he want's to end this Holy Grail War once and for all. Saber is also having trouble defeating the somewhat unbeatable Gilgamesh yet there is hope, with the power of "Avalon" The Ever-Distant Utopia.What will truly come about from destroying the Holy Grail? Will things be able to go back to normal?

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